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The Movement Team is a nonprofit community-based organization providing direct and support services to schools and families with the support of our vast network of community partners. We continuously seek to improve the well-being of youth and families through community service initiatives. We specialize in:

  • School & Community Youth Mentoring

  • Life Skills & Career Readiness Training

  • Parent Engagement Workshops

  • Family Strengthening Supports

  • Customized Program Development & Workshop Facilitation

  • Community Events & Empowerment

  • Social Engagement & Re-Entry Support

  • School & Community Beautification Projects


The Movement Team has developed a blueprint which uses promising ways and methods to impact communities, individuals, families and various organizations to positively promote sustainability in Greater Baltimore. Our approach engages individuals, families, community leaders, educators, community partners, and employers, at a local level. We work to ensure that the experience of community restoration and inclusion can be transferred into concrete, repeatable, and transferable learning's. This is done using restorative practices, evidence-based strategies, and trauma-informed practices which impact behaviors that are a result of various environmental factors, inclusive of adverse childhood experiences. We track all our programs and maintain our data in a unique and secure cloud-based data system for easy reporting, sharing and to protect the integrity of the services we provide.  


ACCOUNTABILITY - Responsibility of our actions that influence the lives of the people we serve.

COLLABORATION - Collaborating within and outside our organization to have the best resources available. 

COMMITMENT - Commitment to those we help, and other initiatives that impact lives both within and outside our organization.

COMMUNITY - A sense of responsibility and contribution to society that defines our existence. 

INTEGRITY - To act with honesty and integrity without compromising our brand or those in which we serve. 

PASSION - Putting the heart and mind to work together to achieve the best results. 

RESPECT - Giving due respect to self and others and maintain the environment of team work and growth. 


"To empower and uplift the people and communities in which we serve to greatness." 

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