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The Movement Team's Youth Enrichment Program serves school-aged youth and offers customized activities, academics, camps and workshops that most can be tailored to a 1 day or 12-month long youth experience. The objective of our programs are to promote healthy social interaction and help students maximize their social, emotional, physical and academic potential.


Our instructors’ work to create an environment that is geared towards bringing out the best in our children. Whether he or she chooses to nurture their inner entrepreneur, graphic designer, artist, culinary chef, physical education instructor or all of the above; we create an environment which allows them the freedom to follow their curiosity and passion while challenging the norm.

The Core Curriculum offers learning in the following areas that will last a lifetime and activities that play a major role in developing critical skills.


  • Graphic Imprint & T-Shirt Designing

  • Interactive Entrepreneurial Workshops

  • Kids Culinary Classes

  • Sports Clinics (Football, Basketball & Boxing)

  • Team Building Workshops

  • Modeling and Charm Classes

  • Physical Fitness Classes

  • The Art of Music & DJ'ing

  • Leather Crafting

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