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The Movement Team (TMT) is a Non-profit 501c3 organization that has been dedicated to uplifting communities and mentoring youth since 2014. The Movement Team began its journey in 2009 by collaborating with non-profit organizations assisting in their missions while also playing an active role in the mentor-ship of youth in the community. The organization of Homeless Events, various Fundraisers, Awareness Drives, and Youth Projects are just a few of the many endeavors we have and will continue to pursue.


We have a broad community support system and a diverse team with primary areas of expertise in community restoration, behavioral intervention, event management, data keeping and behavioral management consultation.


For the past 5 years TMT has provided mentoring programs, youth enrichment programs, parent engagement initiatives, life skills training and career readiness training in Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS) for elementary, middle and high school students. In addition, we have facilitated numerous Keys to Success Cohorts, Summer Bridge Life Skills Academies, The Mayors Saturday Keys to Success Academies and Spring Break Academies for the Baltimore City Department of Social Services and the Family League of Baltimore for youth ages 14-24.


The Movement Team accomplishes several family strengthening and community strengthening events each year. These programs and events engage over 5000 community members, support the needs of over 1500 families and serve as mentor to over 150 youth in Greater Baltimore each year.

The Movement Team provides multi-level interventions based on a social-ecological framework which supports the organizations' mission to uplift people and communities. This framework is designed to change the environment of Baltimore City citizens of all ages. We focus on four levels of intervention which are individuals, inter-relational, community, and organizations. The Movement Team uses a logic model and theory of change in action to support our programs design, management, and evaluation.

The Movement Team provides customized mentoring programs by engaging youth in three major areas of impact; self-exploration, career exploration, career planning and management. We embed resiliency strategies into our daily practices. Our programs measure performance via protective factors and has successfully demonstrated its effectiveness by reducing social isolation and enhancing collective empowerment in youth.


"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world."

-Howard Zinn

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