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Future Leaders is a unisex mentoring program for elementary & middle school sudents that develops youth into future leaders by promoting pro-social friendships, growing strong interpersonal skills and instilling a sense of hope for their future. The program provides a caring, inclusive and interactive learning environment that emphasizes personal respect and self-growth, and challenges youth participants to put forth their best efforts in all that they do. 

We have been a Board Approved vendor for Baltimore City Schools since 2017 offering school-based mentoring programs during and after school in traditional and alternative school settings that strengthens students in grades 3rd-12th and opportunity youth" ages 18-24.


These programs are a direct response to the growing number of youth who lack social skills due to the impact of trauma in their daily lives as well as the lives of their parents, family, communities, and school staff members who work to support their continuous learning and ongoing development. We offer a positive support system to assist students in becoming great future leaders within their communities.


The Movement Team Mentors are trained and certified in Restorative Practices and the Effective use of Restorative Circles by a Certified IIRP Trainer. In addition, they are educated in the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) by an ACES Master Trainer. Our Mentors help students move forward and set personal and educational goals that support their efforts to successfully transition to their next academic phase.  


The Future Leaders Programs have resiliency strategies embedded into its practices and are developed around a social-emotional learning platform with customized curriculum's that can include Arts, Sports, and STEAM components. Our programs measure performance via protective factors and have successfully demonstrated its effectiveness by reducing social isolation and enhancing collective empowerment in communities and youth.






Ready Now Re-Engagement is a program designed to assist middle & high school students who are being released from the Department of Juvenile Services planning to pursue or continue their education after release. We help students navigate re-entry into a traditional or alternative school; monitoring and advocating for them as identified, while offering practical advice at each step along the way that may support and bolster educational achievement. 


Ready Now is a youth and young adult program made up of a series of workshops to grow the critical “soft skills” necessary to excel in the 21st century economy. We work to ensure that students have the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in an increasingly complex and competitive job market, and that they have the critical tacit skills and habits (attitudes, values, tenacity, beliefs, and communication skills) to succeed. Our program zeroes in on relevant skills for life and career-readiness that youth need.



Our  school based enrichments offer customized activities, camps and workshops that can be tailored to be a one day or year long experience. They are wholeness programs geared toward bringing out the best in youth. We create an environment which allows them the freedom to follow their curiosity and passion while challenging the norm.

The Core Curriculum offers learning in the following areas that will last a lifetime and activities that play a major role in developing critical skills.


  • Culinary Classes

  • Sports  (Football, Basketball, Soccer, Kickball & Track & Field)

  • Physical Fitness 

  • Dance & Cheer Squad

  • Modeling and Etiquette 

  • Arts & Crafts



We  support schools and other community organizations in helping them engage parents and families in a meaningful, fun and interactive way. Our custom activities can be tailored for parent only activities or fun for the entire family. We offer:

  • Snack and Paint

  • Leather Bracelet Crafting

  • Vision Boarding

  • Crafts and Laughs

  • Indoor and Outdoor Carnival Experience

  • Indoor & Outdoor Movie & Concessions Experience

  • BMORE Ultimate Race Tour of Baltimore Team Building Adventure

  • Interactive Cooking Demonstration & Tasting

Contact us for information on how we can tailor an activity for your school or organization.

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