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The Movement Team (TMT) has been mentoring youth and uplifting communities since 2014. We began our journey in 2009, prior to our incorporation, collaborating with non-profit organizations to advance their missions, while also playing an active role in serving the broader community. But we knew we wanted to do more, particularly for our young people and their families. 

Since our inception, we’ve provided mentoring and youth enrichment programs, life skills and career readiness training, and parent engagement initiatives for elementary, middle and high schools in partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools. We have a broad community network and a diverse team with expertise in community restoration, behavioral intervention and behavioral management consultation, event planning and management, data analysis and program evaluation.



The Movement Team is dedicated to providing high-quality, direct support services to youth, families, and the broader community. Working in concert with our robust network of community partners, we bring real resources to bear to engage, empower and uplift those we serve. 

We specialize in:

  • School- and community-based youth mentoring

  • Life skills and career readiness training

  • Parent engagement workshops

  • Family strengthening supports

  • Customized program development and workshop facilitation

  • Community events and empowerment

  • Juveniles re-entry support

  • School and community beautification projects

We take an inclusive, trauma-informed and restorative approach in all that we do, ensuring that we engage, honor and empower those we serve. We believe that impacting positive change in Baltimore requires engaging all stakeholders from a place of respect, belonging and shared accountability: youth and families, community members and local leaders, educators and organizational partners, as well as area employers. 

We are driven by a deep commitment to those we serve, and a laser focus on real results. Across all of our programming, the voices and needs of those we serve guide our work, and we use proven practices to inspire lasting individual and collective change.  

And we hold ourselves accountable. We regularly track all of our programs, gathering, analyzing and sharing progress and outcome data, and course-correcting when our results are not where we want them to be.  

Our Values

  • Accountability – We take responsibility for our actions, which influence the lives of those we serve. 

  • Collaboration – We collaborate, both within our organization and with outside partners, to ensure we are providing the best possible resources in a streamlined manner.

  • Commitment – We are committed to those we serve, and to excellence in the initiatives that we offer and support.  

  • Community – We are dedicated to building, uplifting and contributing to the community.

  • Integrity -We consistently act with an honesty and integrity worthy of our brand and, more importantly, those we serve.

  • Passion – We engage both heart and mind to achieve positive, lasting results.  

  • Respect – We respect ourselves and each other to foster an environment of teamwork and growth to advance every aspect of our work. 

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